About Me

Hi there darling-

My name's Etheline. Alright, my name really isn't Etheline, but for the sake of anonymity we all go by different names around here.  I'm a 26 year old mama of three and if you were to ask me I'd tell you I have the best job in the world. I love being a mother and feel it is a sacred calling that is to be treasured every moment. My husband, Royal, and have been married for 5 years and I love that he still makes me feel like the goofy 19 year old I was when I fell in love with him. He is the best part about me. Our two boys Chas and Richie keep me always guessing and always laughing. Their little spirits brighten my own each day and I love learning along side them from our experiences here at home together. Our daughter, Margot, is a real personal blessing for me. I was never opposed to the idea of having a girl , but wasn't jumping up and down for one either. Playing with trucks suited me more than Barbie dolls. As a very happy surprise, I 100% without a shadow of a doubt love having a daughter. She is a great baby; good eater, great sleeper, and loves her brothers already as much as they love her. I am looking forward to so  may experiences with her, even the barbie period.

I believe that finding balance in life to be one of the best things we can strive for; be it spiritual, physical, or emotional. I love to read and write and like most have very big dream, but sometimes allow myself to get distracted by things. (Grrr..) What can I say? I'm a work in progress. Everyday I try to be a good organized housewife and mother. So here are the tales of those events-

There are millions of blogs out there that provide ample amount of recipes, how-tos, and laughs. I hope that you take away what you need from mine as well as others to make your life better- more full-- more eclectic.

And if you haven't noticed we love the obscure too...

Email Me @ hereclecticlife@gmail.com  I'd love to hear from you:)