I was raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (mormon) since my infancy and taught the gospel truths, but like all who come unto Christ I had my own true conversion. I was taking part in an Especially for Youth program when I was 17 and the theme was centered around the Doctrine and Covenants and the life of Joseph Smith Jr., that's when it all really began to click for me. Coming to the realization of all that he did for us; what he sacrificed because of his belief in God, and the work that he had done resignated with me so deeply for the first time in my life. He had a preordained mission for this life to bring the fullness of the gospel to the world again, yet even in the beginning of his search for truth was prompted to ask of God. I was overwhelmed with the spirit while studying the scriptures that tears would fill my eyes with an accompanying thickness in my throat. That was not something I had ever experienced before, but the joy that was in my heart was undeniably the holy ghost bearing witness to me the truths of the gospel. Other truths throughout my life had been made manifested unto me as my testimony continues to grow and I have no interest on turning my back on these precious truths that I believe with my whole heart and have blessed my life many times over. That is why I am Mormon.

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