Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Richie and I got hit with a mega head cold yesterday morning..major yuck. My brain is no where near ready to give our trip the proper excitement it needs.

So until then I wanted to share little random tidbits.

Fact:: I've been dying to go to Bergdorf Goodman for years. I can't really explain why other than to me its like the holy grail of retail shopping.

Fact:: Did you know that the store is split? True the address is 5th/58th, but the women's store is on the west side of 5th and the men's store is out the door across the street on the east side of 5th. It sort of blew my mind!


Rumor:: They DO NOT check your bank statements upon arrival. Royal and I got a good little laugh out of that one.

We had so much fun browsing though all 7 floors of this place and spent quite a lot of time on two which is entirely shoes--just shoes. Jimmy Choos, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Manolos, and much more. Royals favorite shoe on the was this cute little scalloped flat by Chloe. I have seen this style popping up all over for spring and think it so funny that it just so happened to be Royals favorite. What a fashion forward man I have. {lol}


I was over the moon with having a ton of brands all in one place and so easily at my finger tips as opposed to the multiple browsers open on my iPad. The word "denim bar" took on a whole new meaning, as {Bg} was fully stocked with J Brand, 7 for all mankind, and Paige. Royal asked me once how do you know all these designers? I smiled sheepishly at him and responded the only way I knew how..lI'm a girl.

And I'll tell you this girl had the best time ever. Maybe next time I'll even purchase something. That would make and interesting blog

xO- Etheline

Monday, February 25, 2013

Why not do it yourself??

I need to start off this post right away by saying I'm going to to be doing a day to day recap of our trip to Manhattan, but first I have exciting news.

{I made a laptop}

Okay not so much, but after being in the apple store..THE apple store...on 5th avenue I was gazing at the Mac book Air and began to realize its not exactly all that and a bag of chips anymore. Honestly I felt it was kind of outdated, which led me to rethinking my laptop purchase. And so after some thinking, browsing, and chatting with my tech savvy loverly I went with option B.

Option B:

-Continue to use iPad
-Pick up smoking awesome wireless apple keyboard
-Grab a stand for ipad

Voila! Homemade laptop. Is it what I want to use for the rest of my life? Negatory. Will it work until Apple gets its butt in gear and revamps the MacBook Air or we grab an iMac-- Yes mam!

Thanks for stopping by friends:)

xO- Etheline

Ps. I've had this keyboard for 3 hours and I totally love it and highly recommend it! In case you are in the market for one--

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Checking in::

Hope you all are having a great week. We most certainly are here:)

I always thought the reason they called this the city that never sleeps was because everyone was up all night (so to speak) but the longer I'm here I'm beginning to realize its because there's so much to do you never stop. The term shop till you drop comes to mind, only instead it's see everything you can until you drop! It's the best vacation so far..ever:)

Here are a few snippets so far::

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the day before

Royal and I leave for New York in less than 24 hours. The house is clean, the kids are excited for a week with the grandparents, we are packed{ sort of} and I am giddy with anticipation. This week is going to be epic!!!


Don't be shy-- follow me on Instagram. You know you wanna see some sexy snaps of NYC.

xO- Etheline

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Margot post<3

Margot doesn't talk so much yet. She says lots or words, but most of the time it's easier for her to just grunt, squeal, or laugh. Not so easy for me--

Welcome to motherhood.

As she is our third we are well aware of the signs of " what comes next". The next 6 months her verbal skills are going to explode, and I'm not sure if I'm ready....

I preface you all with this to help draw the parallels of this--- she's not super verbal but I find in my bathroom standing on a stool rummaging through my jewelry box loading on as many bracelets and necklaces as she can. I find this just darling and think it goes hand and hand with her shoe obsession and makeup

I never imagined having a little girlie girl, but I L O V E it. ABSOLUTELY:)

Pictured is Margot bending over to pick up the bangles that fell on the floor since every time she put her arms down they came off. She eventually got what the problem was and continued to walk around the house with her arms up in the air. Twenty minutes later she ditched the bracelets {it's a lot of work wearing them} and opted for the heels.

Margot--mommy loves you.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

oversized puddles

The rain has graced us with a reprise 'round these parts this afternoon. I thought it was on its way out after a sunny morning, but instead it decided to stick around and give us some cool temps as well. It's so smart of you to be on my good side Mother Nature. You really don't want me as an enemy. {lol}

Anyways I was thinking about the ocean today and how much I miss it. But not the sky blue crystal clear stuff I grew up on. I don't think of the ocean as something to frolic through in a bikini {there's a time and a place for that..but it's r a r e}. I think of the sea as hard, dark, and rough. Those are the seas I long for.

"I kill for the Atlantic, but I'm paid to make girls panic while I sing." {love this song}

Anyone?? Anyone?


I couldn't help myself I LOVE this movie.

xO- Etheline

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Honesty is the best policy:::

I'm just gonna say it::

I'm a loser blogger. I'll never be one of those bloggers who people advertise with or with high volume of traffic a month, and I'm okay with it really. It would be super cool, but at this stage in my life it's just not possible.

This brings to me 2 things::

#1. Those of you who do the previously mentioned are my idols. I don't know how you keep so on top of it all, and you guys with kids...astounding!! I'd love to blog about all the things we do, but there just aren't enough hours in my day.

#2. I appreciate those who do stop by and even comment. You guys rock and its so nice to hear from you:) I love making new friends.

For a little while my posts are going to be quick and dirty of you will. If you stick by me I'll get back to normal eventually, you know...with "deep meaning" and pictures. Lol.

So here are some highlights:: (just imagine them being their own posts with fun

--That Super Bowl commercial for with Bar and the "geek" pissed me off. I've never raced to find my remote faster in my life because I needed to change the channel to protect my kids. The long close up and all those sounds?? Unnecessary!!! Bad form CBS, bad form. And to think you rejected two even before that.

--Richie had his first close up in primary today. He marched up front and recited the second article of faith. "We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adams transgressions." Well he sung it actually, but it was amazing all the same. We were so proud:)

--Lincoln was A M A Z I N G!! I've never gushed about Spielberg, but after seeing this film I now get it and if Daniel Day-Lewis doesn't win the Oscar....oi vey

--Royal and I are going to Manhattan. We are taking some time to ourselves and the kids will be safely looked after. Some things I'm super excited for...The Royal Swedish Philharmonic, Chinatown dumpling tour, and the 9/11 memorial. There is much more on the list and I can't wait. This is my first time to the city that never sleeps and I'm beyond thrilled to get the chance to go and wander the city with my best friend:)

** feel free to follow me during our trip on Instagram. Because believe you me I'll be snapping photos like nobodies business;) Just search for hereclecticlife and you'll find me, Etheline.

Hope you all have a fantastic week:)

xO- Etheline

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My girl and her storybooks

Come on...




the cutest thing?

...and yes, in case you were wondering, that's this months issue of Vogue.