Tuesday, February 12, 2013

oversized puddles

The rain has graced us with a reprise 'round these parts this afternoon. I thought it was on its way out after a sunny morning, but instead it decided to stick around and give us some cool temps as well. It's so smart of you to be on my good side Mother Nature. You really don't want me as an enemy. {lol}

Anyways I was thinking about the ocean today and how much I miss it. But not the sky blue crystal clear stuff I grew up on. I don't think of the ocean as something to frolic through in a bikini {there's a time and a place for that..but it's r a r e}. I think of the sea as hard, dark, and rough. Those are the seas I long for.

"I kill for the Atlantic, but I'm paid to make girls panic while I sing." {love this song}

Anyone?? Anyone?


I couldn't help myself I LOVE this movie.

xO- Etheline


  1. Oh my these photos are so gorgeous!

  2. sadly, I don't know that reference...what is it from??

    1. It's a song called I will play my game beneath the spin light-- by brand new. I Love that album-- déjà entendu