Friday, February 25, 2011

FREE Food Alert

Hey fellow money savers-

I came across a super fantastic deal. Deal isn't even the right word to be honest- it's a money maker!! And I love me some money makers:)

If you aren't familiar with a money maker once I'm done explaining you'll be on the hunt for them daily. I promise! So here's the scoop...A money maker is a coupon that is worth more than the price of the item you are buying.

Case in point. This week at your local Publix Mueller's Pasta is on sale buy one get one free {BOGO}. The sale price is .69. If you hop on over to Mueller's website and sign up to become a member {which is totally free} they send you a coupon in your email to welcome you. That coupon is for $1.00 off any box of pasta. Print as many, for as many boxes you need for your family. Weather you're stocking up on food storage or your family is just pasta crazy it's a fantastic deal.

Each box of pasta only uses .69 of the $1.00 coupon which leaves .31 left on the coupon that Publix will automatically put towards paying off your other grocery's. So say you purchase 10 boxes of pasta; those 10 boxes are free and you also received $3.10 {from the store} to put towards your remaining balance. That's a free gallon of milk or whatever else you need.

So run to your nearest computer and sign up today so you can get free pasta!! And make a little something more:) If ya have any questions please comment so I can help ya out.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top 3

There are 3 massive organizing/craft projects I am dying to take on!! I mean it- I'm itching to get started. The thing is I know that either mentally, physically, or for sheer lack of time I won't be able to finish them {and I don't want to rush} so I am constantly repressing the nervous twitch I'm getting to begin them.

What 3 tasks are they you may ask??

No.1- The Garage. Oh my gosh it looks like a tornado went through there. It's a gigantic two car garage to do and neither of our cars have lived inside for the last 3 months. We did some renovations over the winter which required extra space and things just got worse and worse. I'd show you a picture, but I'm afraid my husband would make me sleep in the {Jk.}

No.2- Quiet books for the boys at church. I found the cutest patterns and how-to for even the slowest of crafter {that's me right here} over at How to make a quiet book. It is the best blog and chalk full of the cutest ideas. Pages and pages of things that teach children colors, shapes, animals, and hand eye coordination stuff, all while they sit quietly as mice at church. Okay maybe not so quietly, but quieter than before?? Fingers crossed.

No.3- Get the basement in better order and hang more shelves for food storage. Power tools and an expectant mother, while may make an interesting blog title, may not be best suited for me.

So my plan is welcome our 3rd little angel into the family, get into a good routine with her, and then the two of us get into a good routine with the men {both little and big} and then start these project. Preferably before July when the heat is uber wretched around these parts.

**Notice how I said around instead of round? Just because one lives in the south doesn't mean she has to loose all of her Northern pride. ;)


In the news...

For some strange reason blogger is not letting me copy and paste, or I'm just not doing it right- For the sake of my sanity today, let's say it's the former....

Anywho- Just in case you were curious the Preparedness and Belief tabs have been updated. Check them out..I may have shared some valuable secrets:)


Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Questions and Confessions

Why is it that the more it sounds like my kids are going to at any moment fall through the ceiling means they are having the most amount of fun?

How is it possible that my 20 month old can disassemble his bed and move the frame across the room, yet he isn't potty trained?

Why does it always look like its raining out my front window, but never out my back?

Will I be able to wash, dry, fold, and put away all the laundry in one day? Ever?

I can't count how many times I've read 1st and 2nd Nephi, but I can count on one hand how many times I've read Heleman. How can I change this?

Will my spiritual follow through ever be more stable?

I'm tired of having good acquaintances. I want some good girl friends that I can open up to and for us to be important to each other. To forge a sisterhood. {that live close by}

When I'm blogging I never want to use capitals.

Do my everyday actions translate to my husband how much I love and appreciate him?

Up until 2008 I read a total of 12 books. {7 of them where harry potter}

Today I've read 75, and probably half where of the paranormal/post-apocalyptic genre.

Am very excited to finish out backyard renovations so that I can get cracking on prepping our garden beds and chicken coop area once our daughter joins the family and I have my body back.

I think that all ceilings should be painted white and not that off white color. Unless you are actually painting it a color for dramatic emphasis.

That's all for now.

xo- Cat

Practical Applications

There are lots of philosophical question I pose to myself at any given time. For sanity's sake {mine and yours} I'll limit it to blogging right now. Why do we do it? What do we obtain from it? Why do I sit at my laptop for a insane amounts of time reading about the on goings of a complete strangers life? {What? I don't do do that!} I believe its a compilation of things that range from yearning for acceptance, to being able to have an outlet that doesn't include a gym, and a heaping amount of wanted inspiration. I believe that finding the balance in life to be one of the best things we can strive for; be it spiritual, physical, or emotional. There are millions of blogs out there that provide ample amount of recipes, how-tos, and laughs. I hope that you take away what you need from mine as well as others to make your life better- more full-- more eclectic.

xo- Cat