Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top 3

There are 3 massive organizing/craft projects I am dying to take on!! I mean it- I'm itching to get started. The thing is I know that either mentally, physically, or for sheer lack of time I won't be able to finish them {and I don't want to rush} so I am constantly repressing the nervous twitch I'm getting to begin them.

What 3 tasks are they you may ask??

No.1- The Garage. Oh my gosh it looks like a tornado went through there. It's a gigantic two car garage to do and neither of our cars have lived inside for the last 3 months. We did some renovations over the winter which required extra space and things just got worse and worse. I'd show you a picture, but I'm afraid my husband would make me sleep in the {Jk.}

No.2- Quiet books for the boys at church. I found the cutest patterns and how-to for even the slowest of crafter {that's me right here} over at How to make a quiet book. It is the best blog and chalk full of the cutest ideas. Pages and pages of things that teach children colors, shapes, animals, and hand eye coordination stuff, all while they sit quietly as mice at church. Okay maybe not so quietly, but quieter than before?? Fingers crossed.

No.3- Get the basement in better order and hang more shelves for food storage. Power tools and an expectant mother, while may make an interesting blog title, may not be best suited for me.

So my plan is welcome our 3rd little angel into the family, get into a good routine with her, and then the two of us get into a good routine with the men {both little and big} and then start these project. Preferably before July when the heat is uber wretched around these parts.

**Notice how I said around instead of round? Just because one lives in the south doesn't mean she has to loose all of her Northern pride. ;)


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