Monday, September 30, 2013

Films for the Season

There's no denying that Autumn has been and always will be my favorite time of year. Im happy to admit that over the past few years I've begun to enjoy the other seasons and what they have to offer as well. With September coming to a close- Georgia's fall is finally starting to make minor appearances. So without further ado may I introduce my 2013 Autumn Movie Bucket List. There are some classics, some new ones, and some that are on here "just because".


^^ At the top of every list will always be
 Meg and Tom. I really should do a all together separate post dedicated just to my love of this movie but I don't have that type of time today. Ill just say its perfect and if you haven't seen it--- have you been living under a rock? {lol} Also-- Have you seen the original The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart? You should watch it- it was made the same year as my favorite movie The Philadelphia Story in which Stewart was also in. 1940 was a good year for him- so handsome and he won an Oscar for the aforementioned film. 


^^ This spooky tale is far fetched,
but isn't that what we love about M. Night Shyamalan?

^^ I have been watching this heartwarming movie since I was a child. It has is all- courage, belief,
and a great soundtrack


   ^^ This movie it perfect.
 The autumn shots in central park-the witty dialog between Meg and Billy-
 Friendship and finding love in the most
unexpected places is a perfect movie theme


              ^^ I have never seen this movie believe it or not, but I'm looking forward to  finally sitting down and watching it.


^^ I've watched this movie tons of times. Its the movie that won Matt and Ben Oscar Gold.
Thank goodness Matt started writing at Harvard for a class. Where would we be without lines like, "How do you like them apples?"


^^ This is another movie I've never seen- but I'm looking forward to it.

^^ I love this movie- plain and simple. I think Wes Anderson is brilliant.
There are several outstanding performances-  Angelica and Gene, Alec Balwdwin, but my favorites is Gwen's.


^^ I grew up playing basketball and did pretty okay for myself so I'm a little embarrassed to say I've never seen this. So I decided to watch it over the weekend. I didn't love it but I see why many people do. It doesn't hit any of the same marks that Rudy does and so in my opinion it falls a little short. Although I do love all the cold Indian scenes on the farms and when they are enthralled by the size of the gym at *spoiler alert* State Championship--that was the size of my high school gym folks.


       ^^ Crazed eye Christopher Walken + Cookey Depp + Halloween = Spooky cinematic perfection

         Runner Ups--

^^ This is my favorite movie Harrisons in. I love when he dances around the barn with Kelly Mcgillis and that kiss they share in the field at dusk makes my hear race.Its my favorite on screen kiss in move history.

^^ Get this-- I've never seen this movie either and I love {LOVE} Diane Keaton.
I've heard it hailed as some of her best work, but I'm not a super big fan of Woody Allen on screen.
I think I'm kind of afraid to watch it. Its something I'm working one...give me time.

So what films are on your list for this season?? What am I missing on my list that I absolutely without a doubt need to see?? Share in the comment section below. I'm always on the hunt for a good movie:)

I hope everyone enjoys their last day of September and that you all have a happy Monday--

xO- Etheline

Monday, September 23, 2013

New things for all-- including a hat for mom

This year is turning out to be a year of firsts for our family. Chaz has been enrolled in first grade at the top public elementary school in the state which is a change from last year when we homeschooled. It has been a big adjustment for everyone but the benefits outweigh the negatives 10-1. He loves his teacher and the routine of school, which makes this momma happy. As if that wasn't enough we decided to put him in soccer with some friends from school and church. He loves it so far and so now two nights a week with games on Saturday I'm officially a soccer mom. To our most pleasant surprise he's holding his own and doing pretty great.

^^ First day of practice! Go Snakes:)

^^ Learning the ways of the game-
Dribble, hook, blasters, dives-- I need a crash course too.
^^ That right there is a happy boy. That right there is childhood.
That right there is our goalie!
^^ Get in there #3. Attack that ball.
^^ The cheering section for rain or shine.
We are super excited to watch the rest of the season play out over these next few months and cheer on our little man and his teammates. All we need now is to find a sport for Richie and wait for the day to pass when Margot can start ballet. Four months and counting.
x0- Etheline

Thursday, September 19, 2013

the time of year for boquets of freshly sharpened pencils

I'm a Yankee- plain and simple. I tell you this because as such there are certain things I hold dear as absolute truths I believe one should live by. One of them is that children shouldn't have to go back to school until after Labor day. When the summers begun its surrender and fall is making its first appearances in all it's glorious shifts in weather and leaves that are giving in and showing us their true colors. Instead---while we are in the south we are greeted with early back to school dates. This year the yellow school buses came to cart our children away far to early. When you ask? The first week of August. That's right, you heard me, August.

There's no stopping it though so we are just going to buck up and get on with it. While growing up we had this tradition of getting a back to school blessing, or as some might call it a fathers blessing the night/weekend before school started. This is a tradition that we have carried on in our own family.

 ^^ Chaz and Royal.
 ^^Richie and Royal. 
 ^^  I don't mean to gush {don't I always} but I love these guys!

 ^^Rise and shine gentlemen.
The lunches are packed, breakfast is ready, and the bus is on its way.

 ^^ I'm ready mom!!

 ^^ Group shot @ the bus stop. GO MUSTANGS!!
 Life been changing pretty fast around here but that's the way we like it. If the wind isn't whipping through our hair we aren't having enough fun!!
xO- Etheline

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

follow up::

For the past few weeks I've had this nagging in the back of my head-- you need to blog, just sit down and do it!! I kept putting it off and putting it off until finally I had to ask myself-- why didn't I want to do it? A few more days crept by until finally a light bulb popped on; maybe if you give your space a facelift that will erase the urge to drag ones feet. The next thing I had to tackle was what exactly should go there?

^ Something Autumn related?
^ Just some words?
^ An illustration? {btw I'm completely in love with illustrations right now}

 I wasn't exactly sure, until I hoped on board my latest train of thought that was pulling out of the station, so to speak. It went a little something like this; I love autumn, autumn makes me think of cold weather and cold weather makes me think of Christmas and instead of listening to holiday music in September and October I listen to classical music. Which brought me of my love of Tchaikovsky and his ballets where I finally ended up at Degas. Oh how I love Degas. His dancers are some of my all time favorite pieces of art. When we went to The Met {# 7 on my favorite place of all time list} one cold rainy February afternoon I stood in front of several of Edgar's pieces for... for what I'm sure Royal thought was to long. It couldn't be helped though, they are so beautiful. And so now his dancers are at rehearsals on my blog perfecting the art of grace and beauty.

Now where was I, oh yes--- lets keep the follow up from my last post brief shall we??

I woke up that next morning and mustered the courage to make the call and to my amazing surprise/relief they were able to fit me that morning. I dropped off Margot and Richie around the corner at my girlfriends house(bless her) and took off for the doctors. After a thorough exam there were no warning flags or red lights of any kind, but because of my family history she wanted me to schedule a sonogram "just to be sure" for the following week. My initial appointment with her was enough however to get me through the weekend without multiple panic attacks ensuing.

That following Wednesday I drove downtown and was told by a very nice woman after my exam that there were absolutely no nodules, cysts, lumps, or irregularities of any kind.  It was defiantly a huge relief to have the ease and calm I felt throughout the weekend confirmed.

So long story short:: I quote the great Judy Garland:: "Happy days are here to stay."


And now that I've shook off the old and established the new I'm excited to dive into the blogosphere.

xO- Etheline