Monday, March 19, 2012

A Regal Breath of Fresh Air

This weekend I gave in and watched Downton Abbey. It's not that I didn't want to watch it. I absolutely adore period stories, and therein lies my problem. I really really try to practice the saying moderation in all things, but sometimes I fall prey to the whirlwind of amazing storytelling. So when the mechanic called Saturday morning and said that our truck {which is our only vehicle that can fit all our family right now} wouldn't be ready until Monday morning I knew this was the weekend to give in. So now I am entirely caught up, having watched Season 1 & 2, as well as the Christmas Spacial.

Here are some of my favorite things::

I love this opening shot. I love the way Lord Grantham refers to himself as just a steward over Downton Abbey. That even though he is an Earl, he knows that there is a triviality about it.

Up next...Lady Grantham. I absolutely love that she is American. Not just because I am too, but it just seemed like such a perfect play to bring into the story. I think it is wonderful how she protects her girls and when necessary she rises to any occasion with grace and dignity. I really identify with that idea, although I'm still working on the execution. For my sake lets pretend that she isn't so easily be swayed by O'Brian, but more on that wretched bat later...

Anna and Mr Bates....Their story is so much more fun to watch to me than that of Lady Mary and Matthews Crawley. I adore the way Bates speaks to her. You can tell that he hold her in the highest regard and is utterly devoted to her. The words written for him truly come from another place. He is deeply honorable, almost to the point of self-sacrificing, but it suits him. I think it's great the Anna jumps in tells him she loves him even though it was so nontraditional for this time. Sometimes moments are presented to us in life and we cannot have them pass by without some sort of declaration to mark them.The way Anna stands by his side without question makes these two a perfect match! I am so happy that he isn't getting the death penalty. I kinda think I would have stopped watching!!

Seriously....I love this picture. Yes, it screams Twilight, but come one. This is a sexy snap! I wasn't a fan Matthew in the beginning. He nose was so obnoxiously up in the air at the whole idea of being the heir to the Crowley name. I'm not sure when it happened, but I quickly warmed up to the idea of him. I love that Lady Mary gives him a run for his money. It's fantastic to fall in love with someone who matches your wit and passion in life. Trust me...I know;) And that sealing kiss in the snow. Can we say, FINALLY!

and really...don't even get me started on these two! Absolutely wretched. They fuel the flames to each others nasty fire. Why must it be so? Let's hope in season 3 we see something that resembles a redeeming bone in their bodies.

Well that wraps things up here. It has been said that season 3 will begin filming this spring with actress Shirley MacLaine to join the cast as Lady Cora Grantham's mother. That should be interesting and entertaining, to say the least! Let's hope that we don't have to wait to long to see what happens next to all our friends at Downton Abbey.

Have you seen Downton Abbey? Are you a fan? Who's your favorite?? I'd love to hear.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Squeezed before in turned to wine


Enjoy a drink of your choosing and have a happy weekend:)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Red Head Love

I was born a red head, and despite a few times in high school I "rebelled" and dyed my hair blonde and brown. With my fair Irish complexion let's say they weren't a very flattering choice.

I love being a red head. There are a few famous celebs, some from the past and some currently living, that I just adore! They are iconic and regal.

Favorite Red Head #1: Katharine Hepburn

I've been obsessed with Katharine for a long time. She was strong-willed, independent, outspoken, eccentric, and sharp-witted. No one told her what to do and she always ran the show. I love her! I was married on her birthday May 12.

Favorite Movie: The Philadelphia Story

Favorite Red Head #2: Maureen O'Hara

When I saw The Quiet Man for the first time I was a little girl. I was mesmerized by Maureen. It has been said that she was feisty, passionate, spunky, as well as that fiery-red hair. She gives me the excuse to always be right and at the same time a "downright silly woman", because that's just the way Irish women are. {lol} When my husband watched The Quiet Man with me for the first time he said, "It's like watching you on the screen."

Favorite Movie: The Quiet Man

Favorite Red Head #3: Julianne Moore:

Julianne is my favorite current red head. She is ravishing. I love how she wears her hair and know how to do her make up that up plays her fair skin. She is involved in several charities that deal with helping children and keeping them safe. She seems like such a stylish and just all around awesome woman. I would love to meet her someday.

Favorite Movie: Toss up between Hannibal and Laws of Attraction

Honorable Mentions: Debra Messing, Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone.

They say blondes have more fun, but that's because they've never been a red head. I love being a red head..It rocks. Power to the Reds.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Current Obsessions

Alright-- For those of you out there who know me I doubt it would come to you as a surprise that I'm not what one would call a "fashionista". It's not that I don't like fashion because I do. I love it. {well most of it. have you seen some of the stuff out there??}

Every so often something catches my eye that I just fall completely in love with. This season its scarfs. There is something so wispy and feminine about them that I just adore. However, after I bought one I found myself asking, "Alright, how exactly do I wear this?" I jumped onto trusty google and found the viral video 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes found here. With over 11 million hits how could you go wrong? This led me to stumbling upon Wendy's own site called Wendy's Lookbook. I immediately was drawn to her style. It was a wake up call that me that was saying It's Time! Time to start coming to terms with your womanhood. It's time to put away the jeans, tee shirt, and converse and have a more presentable looks. Please don't get me wrong. I love tee shirts and jeans and wear them whenever I can {I'm a mother of} Finding this fashion wonderfulness was like the hand to hold I needed to cross over into fashion womanhood.

I watched a lot of her tutorials and looked at her outfits and started to apply them in my own wardrobe. While I was out over the weekend with Chaz we were are the mall and a woman who was just passing by looked me up and down, smiled and said, nice outfit. I don't tell you this to gloat by any means, even though I was tickle at the comment. This kind of thing has never, I repeat NEVER happened to me.

So now I am currently obsessing over several things for spring and I made a little collage below for fun over at Polyvore to share.

Uhh! Isn't Julianne Moore ravishing? She is one of my red head icons. Which I will devote a whole other post to later in the week.

xO- Etheline