As some of you may know we have turned our lives upside down in a pretty dramatic fashion in the last 6 months.If you are new to this news, please grab a drink, have a seat, and let me tell you all about it--

My husband, Tyson, and I have been married almost 6 years. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful children, two boys and a girl, ages 5,3, and 1. We have been residing in Atlanta, Georgia for the past 5 years and bought our house there 2 years ago. Life was moving pretty wonderfully. We had ups and downs like all, but over we had it good.

In the last year however, we had decided that as much fun as this was we wanted more from life. We didn't want to have to wait until we passed our prime to enjoy the fruits of our labors and travel the world, and weren't about to let the fact that we had small children stop us. I have been (and planning) to homeschool our kids and the two ideas seemed as two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.

We made the opportunity to take our family and explore this beatiful world we live in. Life is to short to not grab every chance you get to meet new people and explore different cultures. We kept a few precious momentos that, in the end added up to about nine 18 gallon plastic totes, and sold everything else we owned. We purged over and over until it was gone, by way or garage sale, craigslist, and donations.

In the beginning of April our family grabbed our Osprey backpacks and passports and boarded a plane for our first destination; Bogota, Colombia.

We will be staying for 6 months and have created a website were we hope you will follow along and share with your friends. The idea is to share and inspire as many as we can. The world is a big place, but everyone knows someone:)

Please visit Dissect The Planet and follow our families adventures.

xO- Etheline