Wednesday, September 18, 2013

follow up::

For the past few weeks I've had this nagging in the back of my head-- you need to blog, just sit down and do it!! I kept putting it off and putting it off until finally I had to ask myself-- why didn't I want to do it? A few more days crept by until finally a light bulb popped on; maybe if you give your space a facelift that will erase the urge to drag ones feet. The next thing I had to tackle was what exactly should go there?

^ Something Autumn related?
^ Just some words?
^ An illustration? {btw I'm completely in love with illustrations right now}

 I wasn't exactly sure, until I hoped on board my latest train of thought that was pulling out of the station, so to speak. It went a little something like this; I love autumn, autumn makes me think of cold weather and cold weather makes me think of Christmas and instead of listening to holiday music in September and October I listen to classical music. Which brought me of my love of Tchaikovsky and his ballets where I finally ended up at Degas. Oh how I love Degas. His dancers are some of my all time favorite pieces of art. When we went to The Met {# 7 on my favorite place of all time list} one cold rainy February afternoon I stood in front of several of Edgar's pieces for... for what I'm sure Royal thought was to long. It couldn't be helped though, they are so beautiful. And so now his dancers are at rehearsals on my blog perfecting the art of grace and beauty.

Now where was I, oh yes--- lets keep the follow up from my last post brief shall we??

I woke up that next morning and mustered the courage to make the call and to my amazing surprise/relief they were able to fit me that morning. I dropped off Margot and Richie around the corner at my girlfriends house(bless her) and took off for the doctors. After a thorough exam there were no warning flags or red lights of any kind, but because of my family history she wanted me to schedule a sonogram "just to be sure" for the following week. My initial appointment with her was enough however to get me through the weekend without multiple panic attacks ensuing.

That following Wednesday I drove downtown and was told by a very nice woman after my exam that there were absolutely no nodules, cysts, lumps, or irregularities of any kind.  It was defiantly a huge relief to have the ease and calm I felt throughout the weekend confirmed.

So long story short:: I quote the great Judy Garland:: "Happy days are here to stay."


And now that I've shook off the old and established the new I'm excited to dive into the blogosphere.

xO- Etheline

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  1. So glad to hear that you are healthy! I know how scary health scares can be! We are all rooting for you girl! :)
    xo TJ