Friday, February 4, 2011

Practical Applications

There are lots of philosophical question I pose to myself at any given time. For sanity's sake {mine and yours} I'll limit it to blogging right now. Why do we do it? What do we obtain from it? Why do I sit at my laptop for a insane amounts of time reading about the on goings of a complete strangers life? {What? I don't do do that!} I believe its a compilation of things that range from yearning for acceptance, to being able to have an outlet that doesn't include a gym, and a heaping amount of wanted inspiration. I believe that finding the balance in life to be one of the best things we can strive for; be it spiritual, physical, or emotional. There are millions of blogs out there that provide ample amount of recipes, how-tos, and laughs. I hope that you take away what you need from mine as well as others to make your life better- more full-- more eclectic.

xo- Cat

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