Friday, February 25, 2011

FREE Food Alert

Hey fellow money savers-

I came across a super fantastic deal. Deal isn't even the right word to be honest- it's a money maker!! And I love me some money makers:)

If you aren't familiar with a money maker once I'm done explaining you'll be on the hunt for them daily. I promise! So here's the scoop...A money maker is a coupon that is worth more than the price of the item you are buying.

Case in point. This week at your local Publix Mueller's Pasta is on sale buy one get one free {BOGO}. The sale price is .69. If you hop on over to Mueller's website and sign up to become a member {which is totally free} they send you a coupon in your email to welcome you. That coupon is for $1.00 off any box of pasta. Print as many, for as many boxes you need for your family. Weather you're stocking up on food storage or your family is just pasta crazy it's a fantastic deal.

Each box of pasta only uses .69 of the $1.00 coupon which leaves .31 left on the coupon that Publix will automatically put towards paying off your other grocery's. So say you purchase 10 boxes of pasta; those 10 boxes are free and you also received $3.10 {from the store} to put towards your remaining balance. That's a free gallon of milk or whatever else you need.

So run to your nearest computer and sign up today so you can get free pasta!! And make a little something more:) If ya have any questions please comment so I can help ya out.



  1. awesome! do you read I heart publix?? I am guessing you do. I love publix!!! woo hoo!

  2. I do go there, but my FAVORITE is i heart publix has a great local forum for trading coupons and usually releases the upcoming sale for the week on Monday, which I love. Most other websites release that data late Tuesday. I love publix too...I will literally cry when we move away someday.