Monday, February 25, 2013

Why not do it yourself??

I need to start off this post right away by saying I'm going to to be doing a day to day recap of our trip to Manhattan, but first I have exciting news.

{I made a laptop}

Okay not so much, but after being in the apple store..THE apple store...on 5th avenue I was gazing at the Mac book Air and began to realize its not exactly all that and a bag of chips anymore. Honestly I felt it was kind of outdated, which led me to rethinking my laptop purchase. And so after some thinking, browsing, and chatting with my tech savvy loverly I went with option B.

Option B:

-Continue to use iPad
-Pick up smoking awesome wireless apple keyboard
-Grab a stand for ipad

Voila! Homemade laptop. Is it what I want to use for the rest of my life? Negatory. Will it work until Apple gets its butt in gear and revamps the MacBook Air or we grab an iMac-- Yes mam!

Thanks for stopping by friends:)

xO- Etheline

Ps. I've had this keyboard for 3 hours and I totally love it and highly recommend it! In case you are in the market for one--

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  1. once our current computer dies, we plan to use our ipad has our sole computer, and buy the extra stuff you did! I'll be anxious to hear if you miss anything about a normal laptop!