Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala::

I think most people would love to attend the Oscars, Golden Globes or some fancy Hollywood celebration, but not me.

No, I dream of attending the Met Gala. {hint hint Royal}

This years punk inspired theme had me a little worried to be honest, but I think quite a few people slayed it!! In my opinion Givenchy was the winning designer of the night. I loved all of their pieces, especially Rooney Mara's white plunging neckline gown along with her infamous black lip.

Katie Holmes look didn't scream punk, or even whisper it really, but I think she looked breath taking in Calvin Klein. In my eyes she can do no wrong. I love her.

Bravo Jennifer Lawrence, another impeccable move. The girl nails her fashion choices every time. I loved the netting she wore..it's was just the perfect touch.

SJP, the queen of couture, swept the red carpet in a Giles Deacon gown, which I loved! The headpiece was the cherry on top. Who else would have thought of that other than her?? Um.. No one!

I loved Anne Hathaway showing up with platinum hair..talk about commitment! Her Valentino gown gave off just the right amount of a torn punk look and high fashion. I could have gone without the fluffy cuffs at her wrist, but what are you gonna do. Tell Valentino to take them off?

I loved {LOEVD} Mink Kelly's Carolina Herrera gown. I though it was beautiful and her hair was breath taking. The end.

Im not sure if Nina Dobrev forgot to change costumes or what but she killed it with Monique Lhuillier. I loved the body suit look underneath with the open skirt. Punk meets steamy:)

Am I the only one who loved Kristen Stewarts Stella McCartney jumpsuit? Please say no!! This girl has had her fair share of fashion failures, in my opinion, but I think this time around she nailed it. I love the oxblood color and lace cutouts straight down. Simply marvelous! And I think her eye make up is my favorite of the night.

In conclusion--

Best dressed over all: Rooney Mara

Worst dressed over all: Kim Kardasian. This was like a super bad version, and insult, to Lucy Lui's Carolina Herrera Oscar dress. I really want to sit down and put my arm around this woman and clue her in on how to dress while pregnant. It's not all moo-moo's but you cant keep trying to fit into your normal clothes. That's another blog post for another day though--


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