Thursday, May 19, 2011

An inconvenient truth-

Rant of the day.

Can I just ask this question to the cyber world...why is it that there aren't "drive thru" convenient stores readily available in most towns. For the specific purpose in catering to mothers, or fathers, with multiple children? As one such mother, can I just tell you what an ordeal it is to get all my little ones in and out of the car, to a shopping cart that doesn't really fit my needs {space wise}, for the sake of a gallon of milk, or the hamburger rolls I didn't by while grocery shopping 5 days ago because heaven forbid I wanted them fresh. And if this is our 5-6 stop in a multiple outing trip...well sometimes it's enough to make a mama cry.

I mean they have drive through liquor stores. Do we honestly need those? Do we really need to add such insult to injury? I'm just saying.

So there you have it. Who's with me??

xO- Cat


  1. I found you from Diapers and Divinity. Fun blog. And I couldn't agree more!! So many times I've thought how handy it would be.

  2. That would be a dream come true. A drive thru to get Milk or eggs, or bread. It could be like the express isle where you can only get like 5 to 10 items, but set up like a McDonald's. LOVE IT!