Monday, May 23, 2011

Would you rather ?

There's a game out there called would you rather? We are playing it here today.

*Would you rather bang your head repeatively against a brick wall or be sick?

*Would rather go through labor again or be sick?

*Would you rather stand in the pen with hippo at the zoo or be sick?

*Would you rather perform 3 out of the 10 uber gross challenges on fear factor or be sick?

Are you seeing a pattern yet? Have you realized that are some pretty bizzare things I'd rather do than be sick. It probably crystal clear by now that I am in fact sick:( And not the got kind you can fake your way through. It's the hazy, itchy/scratchy ear nose and throat buisness!

I'll be back soon when I've stopped wishing for death {that was a joke} but in the mean time...what would you rather do than be sick?


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