Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Presents

So Royals birthday is on September 11, but because he was in New York City we celebrated a week later. I'll be honest-- I try to be a totally awesome wife {heaven help  me} and so I surprised Royal with tickets to see Ben Folds Five on their reunion tour with {bonus} an overnight at the Ellis Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

{Kate Miller-Heidke @ The Tabernacle}
The opening act was Kate Miller-Heidke. During her first song I was like...


However, by the end of her 7 song set she had utterly won me over! The girl has an amazing set of pipes. Originally from Australia and classically trained she choose to go more of the alternative/rock path. Don't let that fool you though because she will through some of those classically trained notes into the mix. If you search for her on Pandora you will hear the likes of Florence and The Machine, The Cranberries, and Regina Spektor. All some of my favorites:)

Also, side note:: We are really big Dave Matthews fans here in this house. Which means we absolutely love his live recordings with Tim Reynolds. So if you love Tim Reynolds too you should hear this man play guitar with her. He will blow you away!!
{Ben Folds- 2nd Row}

We got to The Tabernacle about 45 minutes before the doors opened and after some body finagling once inside we ended up in the 2nd row of GA. Hello Benjamin!! Have you ever seen Ben Folds perform?? Is is supremely amazing! When he looked left he saw me. We had the best view!! Now if I'm being honest I wasn't all that familiar with their music. Royal was the fan out of the two of us, but I do love Ben Folds, and I knew that seeing him perform would be just amazing and let me tell you I wasn't disappointed.  The energy that that man brings to the stage is amazing and boy can he ever play the piano! No complaints from this red head.

{Ben Folds Five}
After a solid two hour performance and an on the spot new song were the band begged for forgiveness for canceling their last show here in Atlanta they wrapped things up. They left the stage and reappeared for a 3 song encore after a 10 minute nonstop whop and holler from the crowd. It really was a great show. Worth the wait and so very nice to get out with my husband and celebrate his life. The man really changed my life and continues to on a daily basis make me swoon. Happy Birthday baby!! I love you.

What has been your favorite concert you've ever been too? Tell me all about it in the comments below:)

xO- Etheline


  1. Ben folds is the best :) looks like a great night!

  2. Oh gosh, gotta do a little flashback to Backstreet Boys. Loved that 6th grade concert. I also went to a Maroon 5 concert with Counting Crows and Augustana. SO MUCH FUN! But ultimately, it all comes down to the people you are with :)
    xo TJ