Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 items or less...is more--

I have the biggest book hangover right now. (You know..read a book and you can't get over it)

While I'm trying to get over it, or find something to take its place, I picked up this fun little read called Lessons from Madame Chic-- 20 Stylish Secret I Learned While living in Paris. I always need a little foreign culture in my life and while it usually turns up in the form of music (I'm totally in love with Charles Trenet amd Astrud Gilberto right now) I decided to give this book a spin. I heard nothing but good things from Shannon over at The Simply Luxurious Life, and so far I love it.

I wouldn't call myself a Francophile, but I enjoy most things French- so you can imagine getting the inside scoop from a real French woman on style, health, and beauty....I've been fascinated. One thing they touch on is the 10 item wardrobe. Are you familiar?? Essentially your wardrobe consist of 10 timeless pieces that reflect your signature style. (Wonder how long it took to come up with the name? Me too..)

The building of my, what I feel is my first adult wardrobe, is something I've been working on the last 6 months. When we came back from Colombia I had ratty tee shirts and cut offs. I loved them, but it wasn't exactly the look I was trying to convey. Starting from scratch was extremely freeing since I had tossed or donated everything I had owned before then. There have been some good purchase and purchases that would have been better left unmade. They weren't bad pieces per say. One of those love them on the hanger, but never wear them. Mostly because they don't fall on me exactly how I had hoped. So returned or on eBay they a went. Royal is the kind of man who says don't get rid of it until you have something to replace it with. I on the other hand prefer to live by the philosophy of don't wait-- get rid of it because when you don't have a shirt in your closet to wear...literally you won't put off replacing it. Lol.

Now I should say that the 10 item wardrobe doesn't include a few things; namely shoes, outerwear, accessories, ect. It should only consist of base pieces; shirts and/or blouses, pants/shorts, skirts/dresses, and sweaters. I admit I have gone over 10 pieces, but not by much and I feel that what I have works for me. Ive turned into a big time advocate of healthy closets. It makes your life less stressful, in my experience. The laundry piles are simpler and the choices of what to wear are more basic. Lets be honest-- when you find something you love you wear it as frequently as you can. I do this all the time. I may live in something, but it's a while before the same thing comes around again. That's the beauty of your pieces completing one another as well as statement pieces to punch it up.

And on that note...here are my newest addition to the closet. I scored these Cole Haan loafers on a great deal and I LOVE them. And yes...that's the book behind them in the basket.

In case you were wondering;)

So instead of asking..what's your closet look like I'll simply ask this...How does your closet make you feel? I wish it a happy place for you:) Have you incorporate the 10 item wardrobe into your life? If so, how's it working out for you??

xO- Etheline

Also stay tuned for my next post. I will attempt to tackle my thoughts on Les Miserable. royal and I snuck out and saw it over the weekend:)


  1. lovly blog :)

  2. looking forward to your Les Mis post :) I have loved reading people's reviews.