Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let it all out--

The last two days I've had an unfair number of moments where complete strangers felt the need to interject their parenting opinions or random rudeness into my life. I don't really handle this well internally, especially the first. On the outside I am gracious and chuckle, but on the inside I'm fuming. It's a super big pet peeve of mine.

And while I have been really trying to as of late make conscious efforts to be more Christlike I had a hard time today. It's hard not to judge how people treat you- end of story. You have no idea what's happening in their life so the best thing to do is cut them some slack and forgive them, but does it have to be so hard? It would be so much easier to close up and hold a grudge, but what does that say about ourselves? Where does that leaves us? i believe these moments that come up, that test us, measure the true worth of ourselves. I can only hope to look back and be proud of the choices that I've made; the big ones that I think matter as well as the little ones that I don't.

Last night I refused to take these annoyances with me into the following day- so I turned to a favorite past time of mine. I went out on my deck-- in the dark-- in the 30 degree(miracle for georgia) weather and had a dance party.

My top favorite go-two songs currently::
1. Feel so close by Calvin Harris
2. Scream and shout by Will.I.Am
3. Swedish House Mafia

What is your favorite dance party song?

xO- Etheline

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