Friday, April 5, 2013

Life according to instagram::

This is what happens when you go to several stores and are disappointed with all of their selection for something to wear for Easter. You run home a make your own^^^^
I'm not gonna lie...Christmas felt easier this year---

I love this picture!! Just excuse the bag of tortilla chips Royal was bribing the kids with. Please and thank you.

There are their smiling 3 peas in a blessings from God.

Yeah..that's Russian. It came in a box from something we ordered online. {not from Russia}

I like to pick a few new pieces for my wardrobe for spring. royal just wanted a new fixed gear bike. I got home some shorts anyway;)

Breakfast for dinner^^^ Lets be honest can we call chocolate chip pancakes breakfast, or dinner? You can in the Tenenbaum home. Catch you on the flip side. I mean..have a lovely weekend:) xO- Etheline


  1. Breakfast for dinner is my FAVORITE kind of dinner :) :)
    Your kids are adorrrrable! Love your instas!

  2. We love having breakfast for dinner, it's one of our favorites! Mainly because it's so easy :) We're LDS as well, Yay! I love finding other LDS bloggers. Your babies are too cute. Happy Wednesday! :)

    xoxo Jamie

  3. yumm breakfast for dinner. Your three kiddos are so cute, I bet they are happy and hug each other ALL the time, right?! ;)