Thursday, April 11, 2013

to all my modest gals...

Im gonna be straight up honest--

Summer to me has its pros {see here} but all in all its one big gigantic con. That is for now at least. I get so bloody hot and I feel very limited in my choice of clothes. the rest of the world peels off the winter layers but I feel like I leave several on. When I was living in Florida it was hot, so hot, but the beach was 10 minutes away and I was in a bathing suit a lot of the time.

But now that I live in Atlanta, or what locals like to call it Hotlanta, {don't even get me started} its a different story. There is no ocean so no bathing suits as well as no ocean breeze to cool things off. Its just hot and muggy. Don't get me wrong if I had to choose between being unhappy and hot for 5 months out of the year vs not having the blessings that come with being endowed I'd choose unhappy and hot every single time. Its not a question. Just something that I consciously have to remind myself that is a blessing not a sacrifice on the truly hot days.

My point here isn't really to complain its so tell you about an awesome deal.

I know right?? I wouldn't have gotten that either if I were you, but here it is anyway.

I love J.Crew, but there prices are rarely nice on my wallet. For this reason I have become much more aquatinted with J.Crew Factory. We get along like peanut butter and jelly. They have awesome sale prices on their regular items and half the time an additional % off your purchase. Ive gotten a mega good hauls their lately.

For instance..right now they are have a stock up sale on shorts and polos; 40-50% off. Mens shorts usually start out at $50 and even more for ones with a graphic print, and polos $32 and up. Now Royal wont buy himself shorts, but if they end up in closet he'll wear them. His only request...please don't make me look like an Easter egg. Nantucket red is as wild as he'll go, but he's a New England man. What does one expect, other than pristine perfection??

That maybe just one womans opinion, but Im the only one that matters to him.

Moving on...

J. Crew's shorts are my summer fling. Yes they have the itty bitty things that I couldnt even imagine wearing and the 7'' that in another life would be perfect, but finally they have the 10'' bermuda short. These ladies... are awesome!! They come in a whole slew of fantastic spring and summer colors and are on sale right now for $23 as opposed to their normal $43. I totally love these shorts. Have I mentioned that? I have bought several pairs and have no complaints. They are the perfect solution for getting out of capris or jeans during the brutally hot summers.

Stock up sale indeed.

Now here is the icing on top the the cake. If you head over to Gilt right now you can pick up another 25% your J. Crew Factory purchase. Hurry though, offer ends at midnight. Once bought the coupon is good until Sunday{4/14} at midnight. That means your shorts are just $17 ladies.

17 bucks! Can you believe that?? I mean even if you miss the 25% off its still a good sale. I highly recommend.

Any questions hit me up:)

xO- Etheline

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  1. that IS a great deal! thanks for sharing the goods!