Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I grew up playing basketball. I started as a little girl and played on my first team at age 8. I found a practice companion in my dad who stayed as such until long after I started beating him. The idea of ballet never actually crossed my mind until I was quite a bit older and started to blossom into a women who had begun to know herself and a little about what she wanted from life. When I gave birth to our third child and first girl Margot I felt like I had the opportunity to explore this all encompassing beautiful performance art with her by my side. 

My parents never pushed me in negative way with the things I did growing up, but their support was always evident. When, after many years I decided to quite basketball they stood by me, after several talks, to make sure it was what I really wanted. They accepted my decision to no longer play competitively and having their support made the transition easier.

What does this mean for Margot? Mainly that she doesn't have or will ever have a stage mom. That being said I will most certainly help her every step of the way in whatever she embarks on until she says, "Mom, I don't want this." I imagine, and lets be frank, truly hope that she will have my same body type if she chooses dance- Tall but not to tall, thin, but not to thin, and good arches (yes I know it's weird but I know I have good arches).

A few months ago I found a ballet documentary called First Position on Netflix {if you yourself are a ballet fanatic or find yourself living with one I highly recommend it) and Royal, myself, and Margot all settled in and watched it together. She was instantly taken away with it and secretly my heart leapt with joy. Since then we've checked out library books, watched other documentaries, and even took her to The Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker production. Our two year old sat there for two hours with one intermission perched on Royals lap eyes full with awe for the performance had indeed captured her. 

To be honest I've been dreading her birthday in February because she keeps asking to attend ballet class, but I won't send her until she's potty trained. That's the deal we made. She has since decided to flex her stubborn muscle and instead hold it- for hours. As the date kept getting closer and closer we just kept trying and trying. She would just sits there looking at me like I was a sort of ding-dong for making her try. Alas we made progress the weekend after Christmas!! She just all of a sudden went and has actually never gone in her diaper again {expect at nights}. Looking back it felt like someone looking at a bike, studying it hard for weeks, circling around and around and then finally getting on and riding away flawlessly sans training wheels.

Naomi from Love Taza, a dancer and Manhattan resident {aghh the joys of living vicariously through the blogosphere} talked about a new AOL Series called city.ballet. Immediately Margot and I jumped over to watch them and to our surprise they're brilliant. Let me back up a few steps since you may be asking yourself what exactly is city ballet-- 

"Imagine a city unto itself- a place where 16 year olds are professionals, 18 year olds are revered and many 30 year olds are retirees. Imagine a world so insular that nearly every one of these virtuosos has trained together in an academy since childhood, their lives forever intertwined by work, play, competition, friendship and love. Imagine a world in which the bottom line standard is to be, simply, the best on the planet, and where each night, an empty stage, in front of thousands, beckons with a challenge. This enclave has a name- New York City Ballet- and you are invited into this world, one that has never opened up to the outside before. A documentary series brought to you by Sarah Jessica Parker Pretty Matches Productions and the Emmy award winning Zero Point Zero Production for Aol On Originals."


Don't let the fact that these episodes are only between 5 & 7 minutes long fool you, they make every moment count. Each episode focuses on different areas of life within the NYC Ballet from explaining the ranks within the company to injuries, dance relationships, and the discipline in which the life demands.

I love getting to spend these moments with Margot and seeing the excitement and joy that comes from her participation in dance. I can only hope that her love continues to grow as she learns this preforming art and that I will exercise the ability to cheer on her dreams whatever they may turn out to be no matter how badly I wish them to be ballet.

One can really only dream that their children will grow to be happy and healthy, but if Margot's happiness comes from ballet then it's a win win.



  1. wonderful article!

  2. thanks for sharing the link to city.ballet! I love it! Dancing is my life.