Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years

**Family Christmas letter to share

Merry Christmas friends and family!! We hope that this finds you all in good health and good humor. 2013 has been a busy and unpredictable year for The Tenenbaum's, but ask anyone and they will most likely nod their heads in agreement, as they know what we mean. Celebrate the crazy happy.

Chaz (6 years old) This year has been all about trying new things for Chaz. He is currently enjoying is first year at public school and is loving every minute of it. His teacher is better than anything we could have hoped for and challenges our little boy ever day to think big. Early in the year he began loosing his teeth and as Christmas is upon us he is actually able to tell Santa that all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth. During the Spring he took swim lessons at the local pool but decided that he'd rather try his hand at soccer and so he played this fall with Gwinnett Soccer Association (GSA). His team was the Snakes and it was great seeing him making new friends, learning new skills, and turning into a young man.

Richie (4 years old) Both boys learned how to ride their bikes this summer with no training wheels. This was a very proud moment for us as parents, but especially to see Richie excel at such a young age. He also swam at the local pool during the spring and was definitely more of a natural with it so we will continue that again once it starts up. Richie is in his 2nd year of the Moms Preschool Co-Op we have been involved with. He is eager to start Kindergarten at school with his brother next year- and more importantly not be the only boy in his class. He loves his girls, but according to Richie- boys rule! He is the most affectionate of our 3 children and we soak up every moment of love that he shares..

Margot (2 years old) Having Margot has changed our lives in a way that we could never have imagined or hoped for. She has really blossomed into this beautiful little girl with long blonde curly locks. She is making great strides in communicating with her family when she wants her point made or needs met which make us all very happy to see her version of the terrible twos come to a close. She has fallen in love with dance and has watched every documentary we can get our hands on about Ballet. She dances all around the house and practices her positions and flexibility on a regular basis with joy and eagerness. Now all we have to do is win the potty training battle so she can begin classes when she turns 3 in February. We attended The Atlanta Ballet's The Nutcracker this month and it was a mesmerizing experience for all.


Royal and Ethel have had ups and down this year, but navigated those times side by side and as the year closes we find ourselves on top. Our most recent reason to give thanks is for Royal's new job with The Home Depot. He has found himself working at their corporate headquarters in Atlanta as a Senior Security Engineer and Team Lead for their IT department. It has been a great experience so far and we look forward to the knowledge and relationships that will be forged during his time there. He has also been serving as the Stake Technology Specialist in our church as well as a ward missionary. He rather enjoys the second one as he is at his best when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the beginning of the year Royal took me to New York City for my first time ever. It was the trip of a lifetime. We spent hours wandering the vivacious city streets, saw The Phantom of the Opera, experienced Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Center, gazed upon Edgar Degas originals at The Met, became intimate with the subway schedules, and for a first time in a long time- slept past 730am. I have been serving as the Sunday School teacher for a bright group of 12 & 13 year olds at church. It has been a privilege and blessing to take part in their spiritual growth. The best part of my year however has been in my everyday, being wife and mother to three amazing children. It brings so much happiness and meaning to my life and I am thankful that God has entrusted them into our hands.

We pray that this Christmas season will fill your hearts with peace and hope and that as we reflect on our Saviors life we will give thanks for all our blessing.

From our family to yours-
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years-
The Tenenbaums 

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