Monday, January 9, 2012

In which I have a life changing experience {the good kind}

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go to New York, Manhattan to be exact. To stand in the heartbeat of the world.

Recently while we were on vacation we had to drive through New York and as we were driving AROUND the city my husband said to me, it's a whole other world going on in there. And that is how I've always thought of it even before he said that-- a whole other world.

I have driven past New York and saw that skyline 3 times in my life, but was never granted access inside. On the way back from New Hampshire the bridge was open and I went in. It was amazing. I spent nearly all the time in the car, but to finally see the life and hear the sounds with my own eyes and ears, it was a dream come true already.

When I think of New York a few things come to mind:

-The brisk central park runners
-When Harry Met Sally
-Forward thinking
-Taxi, horns, sirens
-Rockefeller plaza
-The household names that line 5th Ave.
-Broadway lights
-Pizza and bagels

We pulled in and took a street that dead ended us into Central park. While we were turning a police man who was directing traffic yelled at us to hurry it up. As we, being tourist, had our windows down and grins on our face, as if he was telling us we had won something free.

While driving down 5th ave. the streets were packed with people, most were tourist taking pictures, pictures, and more pictures. I could however spot the occasional local. She was dressed in a flowing winter cashmere poncho, ivory leggings, and brown ankle boots. Probably Jimmy Choo. She was elegant and graceful. I was jealous in that instant right there.

We saw the famous holiday window displays of Bergdorf Goodman and Barnies. They were extravagant and exotic. And my eyes finally understand why people talk about the displays and how much magic they infuse into the air.

Our travels took us downtown to Time Square were the stages were already in place for the infamous new years party that would take place in just a few days time. We saw the theaters of many plays and musicals that have awoken many generations of people to have the arts as part of their lives. We saw the signs and the light, and the ads that bombard you at that great intersection. It was fantastic.

When we made it to our real destination {Little Italy} it was roughly an hour later. 2 miles and one hour later. Since parking was a nightmare {no surprise there} my husband said he'd drive around while I got the pizza. I opened the door, jumped out and on December 27, 2011 I was officially in Manhattan. I found Sal's pizza at the end of the block and ordered a large cheese pizza and was corrected that I wanted a large cheese pie.

Once he picked me up we decided to take off. While he drove and we all ate pizza it finally clicked for us. Why people all over the country try to imitate New York pizza. It was in a word heavenly. And I also know where the saying "the secrets in the sauce" came from.

My brain was on overload trying to grasp every image sound and smell while we were there, but it just wasn't possible. It's impossible to do it all there's to much. I've heard from people that live there that they are still trying.
I love New York and can't wait to go back.

Xo- Cat

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