Monday, January 9, 2012

In which we go on a family outing

Saturday afternoon we took the kids to The High Museum, the art museum here in Atlanta. I have been wanting to go for months, but with the holidays in full swing it wasn't exactly a high priority. And seeing as how I'm a frugal Betty I am only willing to go on the first Saturday of the month when it's free for Bank of America card holders {don't forget your card cause you have to show it}

When we got there I suggested we go straight for the Picasso to Warhol exhibit. I was really excited to see these pieces. Royal was on stroller duty with Margot while I had Chas and Richie, one on each hand. I like it this way cause I can get down to their level and chat with them. Most of my chatting with Richie went like this:

Richie:I want a snack.
Me: You can't eat in here honey, but as soon as we are done you can have something. Look at that.
{its all about misdirection with that one ;)

Chas on the other hand is now old enough to be interested in art; if I ask the right questions. For instance, when we saw this one I said:

Me: What do you see?
Chas: A girl
Me: What else?
Chas: Lots of colors and then listed pretty much them all.

Up next was Matisse-
Me: How many people do you see?
Chas: 5
Me: What do you think they are doing?
Chas: Playing ring around the rosie.
This of course bough on laughter from both of us. I thought it was so stinkin cute, and he just thought it was funny.

Up next was my personal favorite of the exhibit. Jackson Pollock 1a. When I went though my phase of being in love with abstract art, this one was the first one I fell in love with. Along with many other of his pieces. My boys kind of had the look on their face that read, "I could so do that."

This was the final part of the exhibit. Warhol. Andrew Warhol. Andy Warhol. Can I just say that you would think that this kind of stuff would be right up my alley, and normally you would be right. But I saw a movie a few years ago where Guy Pearce played a very nasty portrayal of him and it kinda stuck with me. Whether or not that was actually how he acted and treated people, I don't know, but it ruined Warhol for me. Chas loved this though. He was particularly enthralled with the Chicken Noodle soup one because he had just had that a few days before. What a coincidence??

After we were finished up with this wildly satisfying experience of seeing priceless works of art we went up a floor to see the permanent 19th Century European art collection. This is my favorite part of the museum because it holds my favorite piece in the museum.

The Veiled Rebecca by Giovanni Maria Benzoni. Some say this sculpture represents innocence and purity as Giovanni Benzoni skillfully creates the appearance of a transparent veil, an outstanding artistic creation. I totally agree. I am in awe at the beauty of this piece every time I see. This is one of those pieces that I could stand and look at for hours. The intricate detail of each crevice of the veil is so remarkable and amazes me how talented people are in the world.

This last picture, even though its hard to make out, is of my 3 men; one big, two little. I just thought it was such a nice picture to take so that I could remember them sitting amongst statues that were hundreds of years old. As if they were in some Grecian palace and not the High in Atlanta. It just made me smile.

I hope that you all grab the opportunity to go to The High Museum, or any art museum really. I really recommend it. It is such a fun experience with your family, a group, or even all on your own.



  1. Jealous! Cat, I so wish there was culture around here!

  2. I love being surrounded by culture. Country life is fantastic! But for me I'd miss the city too much!