Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!!

It has rained all day today 


...and I've loved every minute of it. Just the right way to start off October; a good rain fall {that lasts for more than an hour}, a cup of tea, and few trips planned out that will ensure a fabulous fall.

and now to share a conversation that took place in the car::

{We are Young on the radio}
{kids singing along}
"My lover she is waiting for me just across the bar
my seats been taken by some some sunglasses
askin' bout a scar and..."

Chaz: Maybe he was sitting with Harry Potter mom.
Me: That's exactly what I thought!!

Bless children's imagination!!

What are some things you are looking forward to the most this fall??



  1. Oh gosh, gotta love that imagination. Adorable :)
    xo TJ