Saturday, November 10, 2012


 In the movie The Spirit you can tell the mans got a thing for his city.
"She is the love of my life. And I am her spirit."
This is how I feel about my city. The City of Brotherly Love. Our Nations Birth Place. My home; Philadlephia.
We have--

{cobblestone streets of old city}

{study will save you from}

{ independence hall}

{love park in center city}

{benjamin farnklin bridge}

{rittenhouse square}

{founding fathers}

{the liberty bell}

{city hall}

{home of living legends}

{home of..."other" living legends}

{Boston may have the green monster, but we have him}

{and him-- ps.great movie}

{and them-- <3}

{this was my old stompin grounds when I was a wee lass}

{go here! not genos}
{greatest ad campaign-- ever}

{ben fraklin parkway--all roads lead to the musuem}

{boat house row}

{excellent window shopping}

{see you at the clothespin}

{i can get you anywhere}

 Where does your heart belong??

xO- Etheline

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