Friday, November 9, 2012

Of course...

So a few weeks ago I was whining about using the blogger app on my iPad for updates. I kinda loathe it. I of course was willing to hand over my laptop to make Royal's job easier and would do so gladly every time.

With my laptop back in possession things were going fine again and starting to pick back up, that is until last week.  #crashoverride {person who names that movie will be getting cookies in the mail}My laptop will be laid to rest this weekend. It's not broken persay it just cant keep a charge. The bad news's not a battery problem,  but a connection problem and when ultra tech savvy/director of IT/ husband says its finished...well we don't question him.  :(

The good news is...I get a new laptop-- the one I've been dreaming of a while now

The bad news...We have to save up for it while simultaneously saving for our new truck. Should be interesting. :/. So in the mean time it looks like I'll be adapting to iPad updates. Wish me luck!!

xO- Etheline

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  1. yay! my sister has that same laptop...isn't it crazy how thin it is?! I was so impressed.