Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Top 5 moments of the week::

1. Welcoming the tears and holiday spirit of seeing A Christmas Carol performed on stage last night
with my whole family.

2. Having the entire house clean for the past week. {usually I'm only lucky enough to have the top floor or the bottom-- never}

3. Making darling little advent bags out of linen that I knew would have a purpose eventually -- when I bought it 5 years ago.

4. Having Chaz come hug me and tell me "thanks for homeschooling me mom."

5. Waking up in the middle of the night with Richie cuddled all up next to me and my arms around him already.

Tomorrow marks the 1st day of December and what better way to welcome it by picking out our Christmas tree:)

Usually I'm the kind of gal that brings the tree home around the middle of the month but after last year and 3 kids I vowed never again.

I want to really enjoy the season that is upon us and not feel so rushed- which I think we all can fall prey to no matter how hard we try.

So this year we are trying things from a new angle. So what works for your family?? Do tell:)

Happy Christmas
xO- Etheline

1 comment:

  1. jealous of #2! We always get our tree RIGHT after Thanksgiving so we can really soak it up. We are always traveling for Christmas, so we want to have has much holiday decorating in our home before we leave!
    ps. remind me to stop traveling for the holidays every year :)