Saturday, December 8, 2012

Behind the curtain of a woman

If you don't have a strong stomach skip this post..

Don't say i didn't warn you;)

Growing up getting sick {vomiting} was the most awful thing I could think of. It scared me to death. I don't know if it was the loss of control or...other things...but I detested it. Let's face it though I'm sure this is common for most kids. The problem with me was that as I grew older I didn't grow out of it.

While Chaz was still in my belly I would ask Royal..." what kind of mother will I be who can't comfort her child when he's sick" he would always look at me in that you are over thinking this way to much kind of way I've grown to love after almost 7 years of marriage. I distinctly remember about 10minutes before Chaz was born I got sick. That was the last time I ever took issue with it.

I've noticed a lot of things have changed after having a baby let alone 3. The thought of rolling up my sleeve to give a blood sample, knowing and not caring that other than my husband there are folks out there who have seen my who-ha, and my acceptance of my motherhood body. With 3 kids we've had our fair share of middle of the night sickness explosions, but only twice in our families history has it hit us all at the same time. This past week being the second time. Thank heavens little Margot was spared this time. I cannot not convey how grateful I am for my parents living by both times. They really saved the day in ways that are truly immeasurable.

One good thing I will take away from all this is no more baby pouch! Good trade off?? Maybe-- lol


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