Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas here was amazing!! Here are some of my favorite highlights--

1. The boys played upstairs a half an hour before they came downstairs. When asked why they didn't come bolting down to see what Santa brought them they simply said said, because we are suppose to play quietly in our room in the morning.

2. Santa brought me the exact things on my wish list. I chatted with him earlier and told him, I always appreciate his gifts, but I'd rather have 2 things I really want and know ill love/use as opposed to 15 things I may not use or really like. I've really been embracing the idea of quality over quantity in my life as of late; rlationships, clothes, housewares, ect...

3. The matching Red Sox hoodies I got Royal and Margot!!

4. After starting my food preparations I was lured out to peek I to the living room-- I found Royal and Chaz building a Lincoln log fortress, Margot playing {on her own!!} with her kitchen and pots, and Richie on the stairwell playing with Margot's new farm and animals. It was a memory I'll always keep and treasure for ever.

5. The past 6 years have been really rough for my family. My parents were separated for a time, I had gone a whole year without speaking with my father, and honestly without Royal I don't know how I would gotten through it. Take it from me the man really knows how to comfort me and get me through stuff I don't always like to deal with. With that being said we've all been on the road to recovery for the past year now. My parents are under the same roof working things out and so I was honored to host Christmas dinner for my family; together.

6. Speaking of dinner I finally nailed my au gratin dish. This was my final attempt-- 4 failures was enough. This was of course the cherry to top of dinner all around. I felt like Thanksgiving was a flop and am happy to report that dinner was delicious and as the chef, fulfilling.

7. I also remembered to 1) make a toast and 2) take lots of pictures.

8. My favorite present from Royal was a vintage Boston rocker. The craftsmanship of this antique is simply gorgeous. I have already announced that we will never sell this rocker.
See-- when we left for South America we sold nearly everything we owned, including my rocking chair. That one was just from Ikea, but I still loved it and rocked all 3 of my babies in it. So when I saw that I had been given another one along with the style I couldn't help but think what a perfect way to start saving heirlooms for our children.

9. Last night after the boys were asleep and my family was quietly sitting around the fire I wrapped my new pottery barn throw around my shoulders scooped up my baby and sat down in my rocker. I hummed O Holy Night in her ear and gazed and my beautifully decorate tree and rocked my girl to sleep. It was the most wonderful moment if the day. I was so filled happiness and I thank my Savior Jesus Christ for all the amazing things that he has blessed me with this year.

10. While rocking baby girl and looking at the aforementioned tree I noticed that pretty much every ornament was in a different place than it had been originally put, but it still looked great. Such is life with my kids, and it is a wonderful life.

There are things I didn't get around to doing before Christmas like make the kids new jammy bottoms, deliver goodies to friends, or baking herds and herds of reindeer cookies. Instead I baked loaves and loaves of bread, and did other things with the family at our own pace. The most important thing I learned this year was that if we don't get to it-- it's not the end of the world and trying to cram stuff in last minute doesn't make anyone happy. It's best to just go with the flow. Instead do as I did and write yourself a little love note that says {don't be stupid...bake your pies the day before thanksgiving} and then proceeded to place it with the rest of my Thanksgiving recipes.

And now Christmas has come and gone and we will be enjoying the final bits of holiday pizazz before we carefully wrap the nativity and pick up all the trinkets to pack them away until next year. I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the remainder of 2012.

Speaking if which...what is on your agenda for New Years Eve? Anyone going, or been to, Time Square?

xO- Etheline



  1. lovely blog.

  2. I'm so glad that your dish finally worked out! It looks absolutely delicious!!!!!
    xo TJ