Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

As stated earlier in the week in went horseback riding. On a real horse- with horseshoes, a saddle, and reigns!! I'm not talking a pony here either. 100% bon-a-fide horse. That little girl in me was jumping for joy!!

{be advised} I have run out of mascara and refuse to fork over the amount of cash at the moment to replace my favorite make up item. So please excuse the extreme hot mess.

Royal and I
 All my life I have thought that if I tried enough things I would stumble upon something that I was an absolute savant at. When I was 17 I thought it was archery. Strange, right?? And in case you were wasn't archery. When I got on to my horse it took a few moments to get my bearings but after that I was completely comfortable. I was even out in front of our guide. He complimented me through out the day which only made me blush, because when I was galloping through the countryside I felt like I was Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride {lol}

Pretend Pioneer Woman an MM

Time of my life!
Beautiful right?
At the end of our ride:(
I was so surprised at how natural it felt for me to hold the reigns and ride. I absolutely loved it and told Royal so every 10 minutes. Time of my life kinda stuff. I have found my new hobby my friends. I would never get into competitions or anything, but I want to go out and ride all the time. Especially after my bottoms heals because man those saddles are HARD and we will leave it at that.

Have any of you ever been riding? "If you have the means....I highly recommend one." Anyone? {name that movie} Anyone??

Have a happy weekend my friends:)


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  1. It is beautiful Cat! Love reading about your adventures. Glad you got to finally go horseback riding, it's so awesome! How long are you staying in Columbia, do you already know where you are going next? Be safe and enjoy!