Sunday, August 12, 2012

A fresh the middle

If you know me even the tiniest of bits you will know that I prefer the cooler weather. As you can imagine August in Georgia...not my favorite thing to experience. So when we woke up this morning and I was on the back deck looking for Richie's shoe for church {don't} I was shocked when the words, "Whoa it's cold out," left my mouth totally on their own. Royal raced outside to see if I was pulling his leg. Low and behold I wasn't. Thermometer read 63 degrees.

{insert angelic choir here}

We immediately shut off the air condition and have had windows and porch doors open along with our attic fan which has sent the loveliest of breezes through our home. Even with the degrees rising as the day has gone on the humidity that ruins our summer days has disappeared. It really is the only explanation.  I am in no way complaining. It's spectacular. 

After church we came home and I was feeling a little annoyed at how messy my house was. Not tornado style, but there was a few things out of place in each room which is just enough to make you wanna scream. Know what I mean? Well I set to it and started straightening and to my surprise with the help of my children playing on the deck and Pandora I knocked the clutter out quickly.  

{Please excuse the horrible dead tree. I'm not sure what is going on with it}

With the breeze swirling through our house I sat down at my table for what feels like for the first {real} time on our new home.  Like I'm finally settled. It's an odd feeling really, but the memory of it's familiarity is welcomed. 

I hope now to have the blog up and running a little bit more regularly now. I hope you will stop by and comment. I love comments and new friends. Old ones too; tremendously:)


Stay tuned for more photogs of the house:)


  1. You honestly have the prettiest house! Houses in england are super boring looking (and teeny tiny most of the time) so I love seeing the style of house you guys have.

    I love cool breezes, unless you're on holiday with nothing to do but relax hot days are the worst.

  2. So are you back in Georgia? Fill me in girl, are you done with Columbia and are you still going to another destination? Or are you in the states to stay now?