Monday, August 13, 2012

One inch at a time

Over the weekend I snapped a shot of myself to record the progress I'm having with my hair growing out. Now if you look at this photo one might say, "but it doesn't look long at all."

And you would be right. Right? Wrong!! {lol} My hair has finally reached a length wear I can actually put it back with a whole heck of a lot help from bobby pins, that forms something that resembles a messy chic up-do. I know?!?! Can you stand it? I nearly fell over in my chair. That is I would have if I was sitting in one.

 So here's the question of the day and please {seriously, please} chime in with your thoughts and experiences...It's been two months since my last trim. Do I let it keep growing or go get another trim. Does the 6 week rule apply when you are trying to grow hair out. I'm leaning towards not, unless I get some really convincing arguments, since my trim will probably cut off everything that grew out since my last one.

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xO- Etheline

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  1. growing hair out can be so annoying, especially when it reaches the 'shoulder stage' ahah, i grew mine out from a short bob about two years ago, and never ever got it trimmed. it did grow out quite quickly, but when i eventually came to get it trimmed, they cut quite a lot off, so maybe it's better to get regular trims? :) good luck with growing it out! xo