Monday, August 27, 2012

boat and tote

A really good friend invited to go out on his boat over the weekend. My thought was-- it would be rude to decline such an invitation ;)  So early Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to the lake. I am more of a surfer/long boarder type, but after a day out on the boat I am beginning to see the allure of life on the water that way.  All 3 of the kids had a wonderful time, although Margot through a perfectly understandable tantrum when we put her life jacket/swimmie/bathing suit on. It was so stinkin adorable though. Go ahead take a look and see for yourself--

{left: Richie and JB :: right: Chaz and JB}

{growing feet}

{special moments}

{there is a bathing suit there- I lost the strap...promise!!}

{where we spent most of the afternoon :: Lake Allatoona}

{my baby girl -- who gets spoiled with her own collage}

The following day was filled with a cranky Margot and sunburns that ranged from nonexistent {Richie} to severe {Royal}. But oh what a day full of memories. Their the kind you don't exchange them to keep the peace. It's good to rememeber to get out there and play hard. Go ahead and tucker yourself out. It's all apart of living. Each experience becomes a part of you and something you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Tell me about your weekend. Do you do anything to blow your hair back?? 



  1. so glad you had a good day full of memories. but sunburns are never fun! hope you all heal soon!
    xo TJ

  2. LOVE these pictures! Makes me miss the lake and realize how little I got to do it this summer!

  3. Making memories and capturing them so beautifully is a true joy in life! Happy to have found your cute blog! xo