Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Words To Live By

Let me just start out by saying this is in no way a reflection of life currently in Georgia, but I heard this quote by Winston Churchill the other day and I just loved it. 

I, in my life from time to time, have fallen into the hell that occasionally is partnered with this life. And while I whole heatedly believe in prayer and faith in God to help you get through the trials of life there is also the lover of post hardcore music and long boarding side of me that needs that kick in the butt via words to keep going. To keep moving forward.

 It is my hope that if you find yourselves stuck in the depths of the darkness know that it is not a place that you have to set up shop and stay. Keep going, there is an end, even if it's not yet in sight.



  1. great quote...I always need to hear that during a difficult time. Always keep pressing on.

  2. always a perfect quote, and i love the song. something that we need to remember when we go through these hard times.
    xo TJ