Monday, April 2, 2012

A "first day of the rest of my life" kind of day

To say its been a busy day, heck a busy couple of weeks, would be an massive understatement.

But I'm very happy to announce that after long months of saving and minimizing, selling and renting our house, and 2 flights totaling 6 hours...we are finally here.

Welcome to Bogota, Colombia my friends. I hope you enjoy the ride--



  1. Awesome! My Dad spent most of his childhood in South America: Columbia, Peru and Brazil. He has amazing stories. Be safe and have a wonderful time. Can't wait to read all your adventures!

  2. can't wait to see and hear about your adventures! How was that airport? super crazy security right? we had to go through security like 3 times in less than 50 yds as I remember.

  3. yay! I'm so glad you got there safely. can't wait to read all about it!