Monday, April 30, 2012

what a mistake

Happy Monday Friends--

So on Friday I made an awful boo-boo, and after careful consideration and a follow up light bulb I realized that posting 20 things about myself is Etheline overload.


Sorry folks. I mean honestly, if my own mother doesn't read my blog religiously, what is going to make a complete and total stranger want to stop and take the time to read all these things. So again, sorry.

I forget sometimes that I am not a big cool blogger with loads of traffic like some of my other blogging role models. Its easy to get carried away I guess. So instead I was thinking of applying the ancient wisdom of slow and steady into my blogging life.

Instead of Etheline over load maybe 4 things at a time? Make it into a weekly thing?? Does this sound better? Sound off below if this sounds like a more practical idea. I need a blog guru..any volunteers??

xO- Etheline

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