Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Words To Live By

I am a collector of sorts.

I am a lover of words.

What better way to celebrate each passion than a new weekly edition called, "Words to live by"

And what could be more appropriate for me than this::

A little background info:
When I was a junior in high school I had this amazing English teacher. He was younger which immediately broke the mold of the boring ladies in their 60's that made up the rest of the department. He was a chameleon of sorts; teacher by day, surfer by weekend. There was a little bit of him that related to every kind of kid that passed through his class, from loner to athlete.

We had this book we'd write in and at the end of every week he'd take it and gives us notes. I appreciated it, even then. My last day in his class I got my final feedback from him. It was a letter I still re-read from time to time that I am still learning from these 10 years later. After he closed he said, "remember not all who wander are lost."

Lately in my life, as you can imagine, this phrase has aided me in finding the courage to radically change my life.

What teacher in high school impacted your life?

xO- Etheline


  1. So glad that I found your blog! I had an english teacher my junior year of high school that I absolutely loved. She taught me to love reading, and I still do to this day. Thanks for sharing these great thoughts. xo

  2. how amazing that you still keep that little book. it's something of importance, and definitely a quote that we all need to remember! love!
    xo TJ