Monday, July 2, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Not to beat a dead horse, but--- I'm going to anyway.  Honestly, I'm sad that I can't blog about the everyday happening of this faux Tannenbaum family. It throws a wicked curve ball into my post schedule. It's like I'm constantly racking my brains for something uber fascinating to share with you guys. Not to say that our daily life is uber fascinating, but you catch my

So today I'm going to share some things that have caught my eye and are rapidly turning into some my favorite things as of late!

1. Ombre::


2. Loafers::


3. Soft Curls::



 4. Open Yale Courses::


 ::Side note::  So Royal, as of late, has been digging around in the computer world and is becoming familiar with a whole slew of new technology he never had time for before now. Basically his brain is growing to twice it's normal size. So in order to keep up with him and not feel like I was being left behind on the education front I decided to pick a topic that I love and wanted to know more about and dove right in. There was no real competition...I chose History. Have you ever used  iTunes U? It's an amazing place where you can listen/watch lectures give by professors at colleges and universities all around the world. There are thousands to choose from; Stanford, UC Berkley, Oxford, Harvard, Hopkins, and the list seriously goes on and on. When finding out that Yale {surprise, surprise} has one of the most sought after programs for History there was no turning back. I'm starting with American History with lectures given by Joanne Freeman. She's pretty fun for a published Doctor. {lol} If you click on the above link you can root through the course info, as well as others. Even if Yale isn't your cup of tea, if you love to learn iTunes U is for you.


5. Libraries::


{via :: Bodleian Library @ Oxford}
{via :: Codrington Library, All Souls College}

What are some things that have you wrapped around their little finger currently? Are you embracing neon or pastels this summer? Are you all about this summers must reads {Shameless plug for Shadow of Night} or summers blockbuster movies? Sound off below with some of your favorite things in the comments:)

Happy Monday darlings--
xO- Etheline

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