Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday prayers

Royal and I are currently in the process of figuring out what our next step in life is.... I thought we had already done this, but apparently the Lord knew better. There's a little more to it then that actually... In the last four months we have lived in Colombia, come back to the states where I was in the south and Royal spent about a month in Manhattan and Philadelphia looking for work. We both felt very strongly about coming home- like it was our time to finally move up north and be were we wanted, but things aren't exactly panning out. Lots of almosts, but no offers.... I like using {....} can you tell? Moving on... So now my amazing {very experienced Director of IT} of a husband is on the hunt for a new job. It doesn't matter where {in case anyone's} ok that's not true..we want to hang up our southern hats and move elsewhere to be perfectly honest. So now I am left here exercising my faith at a whole new level. Please keep us in your prayers. Again...please and thank you. xO- Etheline

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