Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Why Not}....surround yourself with positivity??

A few weeks ago I highlighted a few of my new favorite blogs. They really are all amazing blogs, however, The Simply Luxurious Life constantly wins my attention.

Shannon's {Why Not...} series is by far my favorite. She has amazing fashion and home decor tips sprinkled throughout her site, but when a why not question is asked I can't help but ask my self, seriously...why not? They are always questions that are for me, personally, thought provoking as well as classy. Never questions such as Why not eat at a BBQ pit or Why not exchange all your singles at the bank for $2 bills?  Because that would just be silly.

In the past year I have been focusing on my non resolution, resolution of weeding out things in my life that don't invoke empowering thoughts and good habits to incorporate into my life. I am happy to find that The Simply Luxurious Life is a staple that is aiding me on this quest.

Sneak Peak of a few of my favorite why not's::


Why not....Be discreet?

"The epitome of a chic classy modern lady is her ability to always be mysterious which due to this behavior provokes even more curiosity in those that are around her..." {if you are looking for tips on how to guard you and your family look know further}


Why not....Create a Healthy Social Circle?

"A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader seeking advice on how to gracefully let go of friendships that were no longer a positive influence. And while I have said before on the blog to surround yourself with uplifting and inspiring people that ultimately cause you to become your best self, I’ve never addressed the specifics on how to handle those relationships that while in your life currently, are depleting and destructive and need to be let loose." {via The Simply Luxurious Life}


 Why not....Revel in Being a Woman?

" No4. Be a positive role model for younger generations. Young girls look up to their mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other women they come into contact with. Demonstrate with your actions and how you live your life that the life ahead of them is theirs to create." {Check out the rest of the tips here}


Why not....Work Hard?

"By putting forth our best effort and prompting others around us  (our children, students, friends, etc) to do the same – not enabling each other, we are fostering self-confidence. Self-confidence is something that each individual must find within themselves through their own hard work, overcoming obstacles and feeling the doubt, yet overcoming it. And self-confidence, as we all know, is a sound path on the road toward happiness or more importantly, true contentment." {find more benefits here}

Shannon has written more than her fair share of Why Not articles. I encourage you to check them out, for her ability to share intelligent intellect is far greater than I. We are all searching for things in life; tips, tricks, or trades that will help the life we see in our heads come to life. I hope that in sharing with my friends you to can find these and other classic tips helpful. Be sure to sound off below in the comments and tell me your favorite Why Not.

xO- Etheline

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