Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Words to live by

Yu what I reliazed over the last few days? It's really hard to update your blog if you don't turn your laptop on. Mine as you see has been off for the past several days.

The main reason being that Royal is finally here with me. For the last 5 weeks we had been apart and It was by far the longest separation we've ever endured. I was nearly crawling out of my skin with desire to see him when I picked up from the airport and his flight kept getting delayed. Alas he is here and I am overjoyed.

So my words to live by today are, even if things get forgotten about let it be. Enjoy the disconnect and the time right in front of you.

xO- Etheline


  1. This is a beautiful post!! :) I know how you feel! A few months ago, my husband was basically living in Louisiana for a new job, staying in a hotel. I would travel to LA from TX on the weekends, to see him and house hunt. But still, during the week, I would miss him so much! I felt like I was about to "crawl out of my skin" too! All of yalls names are different & beautiful!! Love it! <3 Take care

    -Crystal from Billie Jean

  2. such beautiful words to live by. and i can't even imagine being apart that long. the mister and i have gone 10 days since we've been married and that has been the worst!
    xo TJ