Monday, May 21, 2012

in need of:: cheering

I had hair down to my bottom when I was younger. My mother would never let me cut it until I was at least 11.

See what I mean???
Since then I have had it short, never longer than my shoulders. I had worn it long for half of my life and now that I finally had a say-- I was going to wear it short gosh darn it!! {hehe}

Here I am at 17 with my best short
And again at 21...I loved the pixie!
and finally  24. Are we seeing a pattern here??
Last but not least....26

The last photo is what I try to look like on a good day, even if I have to pretend. Isn't it always the way when you look in the mirror and do and over all check before you walk out the door and feel great. Then when you stumble back in you are appalled at what you see?? No? {tap tap this thing on??} Please don't tell me I'm the only one who ever long had that rouge piece of hair been on the loose??

Moving on...

I have as of the past few months been on a grow your hair out kick. And let me tell you...with hair that grows this slow I'll be a grandmother before I have the locks to pull off some of the hairstyles I've been dying to do.

Stuff like this---
And this...


 Oh to have locks that will flow down my back again!! I am in such desperate need of a support team to root me on my way!!! Your cheers will be VERY much appreciated. I come to you as a girl who when she was bored with life during her high school years would either cut or dye her hair. This is no easy task I am embarking on. 

Any tips or secrets to help hair grow faster would be mega appreciated. {btw::: I have 3 kids...the prenatal vitamins tip doesn't work on there no hope then?? lol}

Happy Monday Darlings--



  1. oh gosh, seriously! what is it about when we have short hair we want it long and when we have it long we want it short! first off, i'm super jealous that you can pull of that pixie cut! so adorable! second, you can never go wrong with the messy bun. it's my go to for all those house chores and on the go days. all of these styles are perfect!
    xo TJ

  2. you have such great short hair! The pixie cut is my favorite. I know what you mean, though. I always wish for super long hair. But when it is that length, I get sick of it, think it looks to damaged, and chop it all off. yeesh.