Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Words to Live by

Even though I have as much in common with the great DVF, as a polar bear to a tanning bed, I couldn't agree with her words more. 


In the last year or so I have been focusing on minimizing my life and being there in the everyday special moments with my husband and kids. I have learned that to keep order in my home I can no longer allow myself to be pulled into so many directions. It just leaves sad children, a messy home, and an unhappy mama. Instead I have been able to weed out all the things I like to do and just keep the things that actually help my family and bring me the most joy around. They are three things; home school, reading, and writing. I cant express the joy that has been present in my life with making these choices. Some women can do it all, all the time. I my friends, am simply not one of them, and that's okay with me. I am coming into the women I have always wanted to be. I have started to be able to make out that balance that has in the past always been blurry, but is now coming into focus. And I like what I see.

What have you always wanted to be??



  1. oh gosh, i need to be better at weeding things out of my life that are not of the most importance! loving this post and this quote! so inspiring!
    xo TJ

  2. Hy sweetie! love your blog! wanna follow each other?:X